A Glimpse of Weekend Workshops

Identifying Special Talents & Planning Strategic Goals

It was a wonderful experience connecting with the people, who were pursuing career and looking for career switch during the weekend event organized by ST Jobs.

Coach N Shankar received an overwhelming response upon the successful delivery of both the workshops – ‘Identify Your Special Talents & Abilities’ and ‘Strategic Goal Setting’ on 19th & 20th August respectively at ST Jobs – Career & Development Fair 2017.

The audience, with the different age groups – freshers to mid-career, learnt about the following useful tips to overcome the obstacles and make progress in their lives and at work by focusing on the Return on Energy:

  1. Become self-responsible
  2. Overcome Fear & Doubt
  3. Develop Positivity in & around
  4. Skills Upgrading – an ongoing process
  5. Understand the value of one’s attitude over one’s knowledge & skills

The participants kept Coach Shankar occupied in one-to-one Q&A session.

Capt. N Shankar

FocalPoint Executive & Business Coach, Singapore

Capt. N Shankar, an MBA (with distinction) from Heriot Watt University, UK and a master mariner, is a certified FocalPoint coach. He is passionate about guiding individuals, teams and organizations from vastly dissimilar cultures, nationalities and backgrounds to meet their personal, business unit and strategic goals. His marine career has helped him to work with and understand the behaviors, cultures and motivations of people across the world. As an Executive coach, Shankar aims to provide holistic support by application of proved business concepts. He chose to become FocalPoint Executive coach to provide his coaches and mentees with Brian Tracy’s strategies, tactics and methodologies in charting their life voyage.

FocalPoint coaching & training programs are proven through 30 years of research and the successful outcomes of our satisfied clients. We tailor specific strategies to help you reach your goals quickly. With over 200 offices worldwide, we offer the professional and local expertise that you are looking for.

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