"Great Place to Work"- Learning from the Past, to Create the Workplace of the Future

Work takes up a major part of one's daily life. In a globalized world, with talent in short supply, 'A Great Work Place' can be a key differentiator in recruitment and retention.

To know more - Join me for the webinar "Great Place to Work"
The Key topics that would be addressed during this webinar include:

  1. Why does a great workplace matter?
  2. How to create and set up a welcoming environment?
  3. What role can each: a leader, manager or employee play?
  4. Finding the right fit between work, values, culture, and fun
  5. Avoiding the Fiz to create Buzz
  6. Building on the initial framework to meet future changes

Date: July 12, 2017 (Wednesday)
Time: 2 PM Singapore



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